Faculty Objectives

September 24, 2016

The Strategic objectives of the Faculty of Computing and Information can be listed as follows:

  1. To teach the concepts of computer science, software engineering and information systems using the most advanced industry tools and platforms.
  2. To develop students’ thinking skills to help them cope with work conditions and the latest innovations in computer and information technology.
  3. To provide government agencies, factories and civil society with the latest innovations in computer and information technology for improving the  development plans in the country in general and the gulf of Suez, Red Sea, Sinai and the axis of the Suez Canal in particular.
  4. To provide consultation to the industrial zone of northwest Gulf of Suez and the Red Sea and the Sinai and the axis of the Suez Canal in particular and Egypt in general,
  5. To prepare, provide and develop a suitable work environment for improving and developing the capabilities and skills of the administrative staff in the university.
  6. To participate in the training of administrative and technical cadres in the society to improve their performance
  7. To interact both nationally and internationally with the latest technology of computers and information through the participation in local and international conferences, and holding workshops, seminars and conferences.