Dean's Word

Written by Ahmed Shaban

Our students at Faculty of Engineering, the hope of tomorrow, the basis of country development, the pillars of progress and development, I and all faculty employers are happy to welcome you in your faculty-Faculty of Engineering- Suez University. I pray to God that our Faculty meets your admiration and trust.
Our precious country watches a launching stage that needs giving and challenging from its serious and loyal children. Faculty of Engineering is always the main pillar of building and production. Therefore, insisting on pushing progress wheel forward, I call all students to participate in that development. Our students, you have achieved the hope of enrolling in the faculty and you have started to climb up the university stairs. To achieve your ambitions, you have to follow university traditions, high manners and continuous work in studying and affective participation in student activities that develop your skills and teach you belonging and giving values and raises yourself confidence. The faculty is always keen to raise the educational process according to the international disciplines in order to provide highly professional engineers.
I hope for all students, success, more work and patience to reach their ambitious. They should catch up the hard work, research and creation. Always remember that hard work and noble aim are the root of success.
Peace be upon you.