Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

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Wind Turbine
Wind Turbine

Mechanical Engineering in Brief

Mechanical engineering specializes in the following :

  • Design and manufacturing of all kinds of machines that facilitate human life.
  • Heat and energy transfer studying,how to generate energy from wind turbines,solar panels and etc.... and converting energy from type to another.
  • Air heating and cooling studying and hence manufacturing different types of air-conditionings.
  • Fire fighting in different types of structures.
  • Pipelines design
  • Water pump stations design

Mechanical Engineering in Faculty

Mechanical engineering department is divided into the following two branches : 

A- Mechanical Power Engineering :

It includes the following specialities : heat transfer,heat,ventilation and air-conditioning(HVAC),blasts and combustion engineering,power plant engineering and it's economics,hydraulic-control engineering,fluid mechanics and renewable energy systems.

B-Mechanical design and production :

It includes the following specialities : products design and manufacturing,production lines design and supervising,operations planning,case study performing,performing inspection,testing and measurement works,Engineering projects supervision,different quality system application,Inspection of production steps supervision.