Campaign 100 million health

Written by Ahmed Shaban

Under the patronage of Major General. Abdul Majid Saqr. Governor of Suez.
And Prof. Dr. Elsayed Abdel-Azim El-Sharkawy. University's president.
And the supervision of Prof. Dr. Said Abadi. Dean of the Faculty of Medicine And Prof. Dr. Abdel-Moneim El-Shabrawi. Vice Dean for postgraduates.
The Faculty of Medicine, University of Suez organized the health education seminar on hepatitis C virus within the campaign of 100 million health in the College of Arts at the university in the presence of Prof. Dr. Elsayed Abdel-Azim El-Sharkaw, and Major General Abdel Magid Saqr. Dr. Abdullah Ramadan, Deputy Governor of Suez and executive and popular leaders in Suez and the deans and vice deans of the faculties and faculty members and employees and students of colleges at the university.
The speech was made by Major General. Abdul Majid Saqr, Governor of Suez. Praised the efforts of the University of Suez in the strong participation in the virus c diagnosis and treatment, stressing the importance of having strong recommendations after the end of the educational seminar held today on hepatitis C virus to maximize the role of the campaign for the health of Egyptians, stressing all the support and efforts provided by the province to overcome all Obstacles to the campaign.
As noted by Prof. Dr. / Sayed El-Sharkawy, President of the University. That the university participates in the campaign by providing 4 points for medical examination of the university students, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Commerce and Petroleum Engineering and the administration of the university.
He added that the university supports the elimination of viral and non-communicable diseases and the success of the President's initiative to preserve our health
Prof. Dr. Abdel Moneim Shoubraoui, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Medicine for Postgraduate Studies, said that the aim of the campaign at the level of the Republic is to reach the target of 50 million citizens over 18 years of age, thanking the Islamic and Christian clergy participating in the campaign.
As pointed out by Dr. Mahmoud Shadid. Assistant professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Suez University to the symptoms of the disease and the areas that cause the disease and methods of prevention, and stressed on young people to distance from drugs and sexual relations.