Study system

Written by Ahmed Shaban

Study system:

  • the duration of the study to obtain a bachelor's degree "five years" distributed at the following stages:

1) The first stage includes the first and second years.

2) The second stage includes the third, fourth and fifth years.

  • The volume of work includes all educational activities from attending lectures, seminars, discussion sessions, outcome sessions, practical and clinical training, skills lab, field training and learning sessions through team work, self-learning and project preparation.
  • The number of working hours ranges from 1500 to 1800 hours for the academic year.
  • Number of working weeks during the academic year 30-36 weeks distributed 15- 18 per semester.
  • 50 hours of work hours (equivalent to 2 credit points).
  1. Number of credits: credits for the program as a whole 300.
  2. The number of years of the first and second stages and the number of semesters in each stage:

The first stage: consists of two years and four semesters.

The second stage consists of three years and six semesters.

  1. The number of credit points for each academic week calculated 1.5 credit points per semester.
  2. Actual number of hours per credit point: the credit point is 30 actual hours.
  3. Number of degrees per credit point: each credit point equal to 20 degrees.

About the educational system in the college:

The educational system relies on the integration of activities within the college with community activities to ensure the integration of knowledge and skills to meet the needs of the community and to prevent repetition of unnecessary activities in successive years of education and in order not to miss knowledge or skills on the other hand.

This is in addition to the integration and overlap of basic educational materials with clinical and horizontal educational materials and the linking of topics in the form of areas and concepts through integrated educational groups also include behavioral sciences and social sciences as well as medical sciences.