Faculty Goals

Written by Ahmed Shaban

The bachelor's degree in the Faculty of Medicine of Suez University has been determined to achieve the above explained advanced medical education and push the Faculty of Medicine to the local and international level we aspired to. The college aims to:

  1. Providing the community with graduates with competencies in providing health care, diagnosing and treating the health problems of individuals and society based on the definition of health as a complete existence of physical, mental, psychological and social safety, not only the absence of illness, characterized by professional ethics and traditions of the society.
  2. Linking medical education to the real health needs so that the doctor is able to identify and address the health problems in the community and the health problems that must be overcome.
  3. Preparing trained graduates on the basis of managing and ensuring the quality of medical services in different levels of health care, especially the primary health care.
  4. Preparing doctors who are able to participate in scientific research that helps in solving health problems facing society and raising the level of health.
  5. Develop the capacity of self-learning and continuous education for graduates.
  6. Partnership with the Ministry of Health and other agencies and institutions that provide health care for the establishment of an integrated system of health care and human resources development in the health field in the Red Sea Region (Suez Governorate, Red Sea Governorate and South Sinai Governorate).
  7. Providing distinctive community services for the Red Sea Region.