TICO Structure

TICO Structure

Written by Doha Elghafir

TICO Structure

Technology Transfer Office (TTO)

-Education and  awareness:  TTO conducts  educational  programs  to  make scientists,  research  administrators  aware  of  the  correct  ways  to  handle  new inventions,  including  issues  such  as  official  lab  books  for  record-keeping, confidential disclosures, publication guidelines and agreements.

     -  Networking: TTO stimulates networking by maintaining a good relation with different industries and partners that could be interested in university research activities,  also  by  maintaining  a  complete  database  of  new  technologies  with commercial potential and sharing this with other institutes under conditions of confidentiality.  The office may also facilitate networking with technology transfer associations, training and service organizations.

    -  Help Creation of new start-up companies: TTO helps in the establishment of new start-up companies through links with venture capital firms in countries where these are available.  Office staff can help to address any conflicts of interest which may arise between researchers’ duties to their partner institutes and their spin-off company.

Technology Innovation Support Center (TISC)

The TISC office supports the creation of patents and prompting the concept of Intellectual Property (IP) rights.  Also it helps the university members, research staff and students in the drafting of patent proposal, and guide in solving any problems concerning issuing of the patents.

Grants and International cooperation office (GICO)

The GICO office helps in attracting the  international  research  funds  and  grants that  could  open  up  new opportunities  for the  university  staff  (Professors, Researchers, Research Assistants and Technical staff ).  GICO also helps university staff to apply for the different types of projects and drafting the proposal of different scholarships and grants.

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