Administration of Registration

Written by Yasmien Sayed Gad

The administration performs the following tasks:

  • Following up the application of the rules set for the registering, transferring, moving and re-registering the students as well as reviewing the registers and records used for these purposes. The administration also keeps records for all B.A. and B.Sc. students’ data under both the traditional the home-study systems and keeps the records of the students’ states received from the faculties in alphabetical order. In addition, the administration organizes the procedures for the students’ admission in the B.A. and B.Sc. grades and identifies their numbers.
  • Helping the military recruitment office in the University to watch and implement the recruitment law.
  • Following up the payment of the University fees by the International students.
  • Receiving faculties’ proposals concerning the internal regulations and presenting them to the relevant authorities as well as receiving suggestions by faculties’ councils concerning moving or transferring or re-registering students according to the rules and issuing the necessary resolutions about them.