General Administration of Student care

Written by Yasmien Sayed Gad

The Student Care Management plays a prominent role in building the student's personality in an integrated way through practicing various activities that they like to do through activities that use their energy and capabilities; it also provides an opportunity for students to gain new experiences and skills and raise their physical, intellectual and emotional standards. This is done through a number of activities, namely:

Sports Activity

The Management cares for talented athlete students in all sports activities to form teams to represent the college in the university championships as well as Egyptian universities championships in all individual and team sports.   

Cultural Activity

          This activity aims to expand students' intellectual and literary perceptions to develop their minds through holding cultural symposia and gatherings and prepare contests among students in various fields (novel, poetry, article, research, the Holy Quran, masters tournament, literature club). 

Scouting and Public Service Management

The Management is concerned with developing the students' skills and capabilities in the field of scouting and guidance at the university, local and regional levels participating in training sessions at the university camps and meetings. It aspires to instill the spirit of volunteerism and belonging within students through public service projects. 

Student Families Management

The Management encourages students to form student families at college level, prepares appropriate programs that intensify ties among the families of university colleges, prepares responsible leaders, and selects student leaders to elevate them to a high level of capability to take up responsibilities, make decisions and carry out projects and activities.

  • It is not permissible to establish student families on a sectarian, political, or ideological foundation, nor can the family take a name or slogan that indicates this.
  • A request for family formation is submitted to one of the college staff members to approve it. In case of approval, a founding family association is formed under the supervision of the family leader. The family is responsible for setting an internal system for family work within the scope of the rules and regulations in force; the following rules should be observed:
  • Determine the family name and leader.
  • Pay membership fees.

The formation of the family board of directors is by election; the board consists of a rapporteur, a treasurer, and three members. Two members, selected by the family leader can be included as members of the board.

Before carrying out any family activities' programs, inside or outside the university, the family rapporteur submits an application for approval to the family leader, and then to the union leader.

Artistic Activity Management

The Management seeks to discover artistic talents, develop them, and select the best to represent the college in all competitions held at the university and other Egyptian universities, both in the fields of plastic arts - theater - music and choir - folk art, as well as art galleries.

Social Activity Management

The Management aims to achieve social adaptation among students and students and college staff members via  entertaining trips and interesting programs to treat any negative phenomena at the university; in addition to participating in the competition for selecting the ideal male student and the ideal female student at the university level together with the implementation of chess competitions to choose the team that represents the college.

Social Solidarity Fund

The Fund aims to help social solidarity among university students who are unable to continue their university education for economic reasons, and to achieve social care by offering direct and indirect aid to students so that they can continue their education. The Fund also provides hot meals for students not residing in university dormitories.

The following are documents and papers required to obtain direct or indirect aid:

  • A copy of the identity card for both the student and the father (and the original for investigation(.
  • A document proving the income of student's parents (statement of salary items, pension contributors, statement of agricultural possession of the farmer, or letter of insurance if he works in the private sector(.
  • Social file from the social unit to which the student's family belongs, showing the student's social status.
  • In case the student's siblings are enlisted in other stages of education, he/she shall submit evidence of this.
  • A copy of the student’s father’s death certificate (in case of his death(.
  • A declaration or statement that student's mother does not work in the government or the private sector.
  • A medical certificate stating the student’s father’s sickness and his inability to earn (in case of chronic disease).
  • A report from the university’s medical administration to determine the student’s disability percentage (in case of disability).

          Subsidies are provided in several forms:

  • Free textbooks
  • paying tuition fees
  • Treatment and prosthetic devices.
  • clothes / eyeglasses
  • Cash aid
  • Providing all social services that the student needs to provide opportunities for him/her to continue his/her studies without difficulties.

Scientific and Technological Activity

It aims to develop the invention and innovation skills of university students to develop the creative scientific thought of university students