General Administration of University Dormitories and Nutrition

Written by Yasmien Sayed Gad

The General Administration of University Dormitories and Nutrition is charged with the following: receiving residence requests; investigating them; applying the rules enacted in their regard; supervising the preparation of university dormitories; providing amenities and health conditions in places of residence, food halls, kitchens, and public facilities in university dormitories; setting up systems that ensure follow-up of the conditions of students residing in university dormitories; solving their problems; organizing  their spare times, and proposing the ingredients of meals;  setting systems that ensure proper preparation and presentation of meals to students; following up on maintenance and cleaning, and following up the collection of fees for residence in external housing and keeping the necessary records


The General Administration for University Dormitories and Nutrition consists of:

The Student Dormitories Affairs Management

 The Management shall have the following duties:

  • Follow up on the situation of students in the Dormitories, and organize their leisure time. Prepare student data records, fees and absence periods, receive dorm applications, prepare lists, housing notices, and inform students of the registration process.
  • Complete the forms and certificates of students continuing to study every year. A daily survey is conducted to check on students (travelers, backwards, excluded) and verify right of residence.
  • Take measures to prepare and provide meals for students. Follow up on the students' preservation of furniture and facilities. Prepare residential buildings, restaurant, kitchen, and other public facilities to ensure the comfort facilitate students' access to various services.

The Management of University Dormitories' Affairs (female section)

The Management shall have the following duties:

  • Follow up on the situation of female students and solve any problems or difficulties they may face, receive applications, prepare lists, and prepare housing notices and inform students.
  • The completion of the forms and certificates that show that female students continue to study every year, informing parents of the violations committed by female students during their residence.
  • Conduct a daily survey to check on students and verify the right of residence. Keep records of the attendance and absence of female students and inform students and nutrition unit of the situation.
  • Prepare residential buildings, the restaurant, kitchen, and public facilities to ensure the comfort and stability of female students and facilitate their access to services.
  • Coordinate and communicate continuously with students' parents to inform them of nay misconduct.

The Nutrition Management

The Management shall have the following duties:

  • Propose the quantity and quality of food meals, participate in the decision committees, special food tenders, monitor the implementation of the conditions of supply, and set the standards and method of technical inspection of all dorm restaurants.
  • Keep the necessary records to indicate the activity of the restaurants and prepare periodic and annual reports in this regard.
  • Examine and receive foodstuffs in accordance with the conditions of supply and prepare and distribute meals.
  • Maintain custody of nutrition tickets, keep records and deliver proceeds.
  • Take necessary measures to clean the kitchen and the restaurant and determine the relevance of the tools used in