About Sector of Community Service

Written by Yasmien Sayed Gad

1- Setting up plans and executive policies for “Special Units” and identifying the outcomes of their activities.

2- Setting up monthly meetings for the council of the community service and environmental development and recording the council's notes, decisions and agenda.

3- Carrying out and following-up the decisions and recommendations of the Council of the Community Service and Environmental Development.

 4- Setting up the necessary programs for implementing the university plans environmental development in different fields.

5- Following up the seminars in the field of the community service and environmental development in all university faculties and preparing their reports.

6- Following up the University Training Affairs and developing its programs concerning community service and environmental development.

7- Following up the communication between the university, research centers and third parties as well as organizing meetings between the administration and specialists in social issues.

8- Recording the recommendations concluded in university community service seminars and conferences and disseminating them among the parties concerned.   

9- Communicating with specialized authorities in the community about the training fields and scientific counseling offered by US and receive their feedback.   

10- Following up the regulations of the “Special Units” in coordination with Community Service and Environmental Development Council, then referring them to the University Council.

11- Attending the seminars and workshops on community service called for a local third party.