Important Information and Rules

Transfer and Registration Transfer

Written by Aya Abdelghany

Transferring from one college to a corresponding college and transferring registration is made from a college to a different college falls within the the jurisdiction of:

  • The College’s Graduate Studies and Research Committee (Article 29, paragraph 7 of the executive regulations).
  • The College Council (Paragraph 18 of Article 41 of Law 49 of 1972 AD. The decision of the College Council in this regard has to be approved by Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Research.

If the transfer takes place on or before the first of December, the fees are due to the college transferred to.

  • Paragraph (7) of Article 29 of the executive regulations states:

   College’s Graduate Studies and Research Committee to consider has the competence of enrolling graduate students, transferring suspension of enrollment, and accepting exam excuses.

  • Paragraph (19) second of Article 41 of Law 49 of 1972 states:

College Council  has the  competence of enrolling graduate students, register Master's and doctoral theses, and cancel registration .

Article 175 of Law No. 49 of 1972 states:

    With regard to the provision of Article (36), registration of master's and doctoral theses and cancellation of registration shall be completed with the approval of the Council of Higher Studies and Research upon the request of the Faculty Council or the Institute upon the recommendation of the relevant department council.

  • Article 69 of the executive regulations states that:

    The Faculty Council may suspend the student’s enrollment for a period of two consecutive or two separate academic years if it is presented with an acceptable excuse that prevents him/her from attending the study. In case of necessity, the University Council may extend the suspension.


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