Important Information and Rules

The Regulatory Rules of Degree Awarding

Written by Aya Abdelghany
  • The thesis is transferred to the Examination Committee, and after receiving the detailed individual reports, an appointment is made in agreement with the main supervisor to discuss the thesis in public within three months. The discussion is announced at least two weeks before the appointment, the Examination Committee meets and reads the detailed individual reports on the examination of the thesis, the student is examined and the committee presents a collective report on the thesis and the discussion explaining the level of the thesis and the committee's decision of degree awarding. The committee may return the thesis to the examinee for revision to be made within six months, after which unanimous approval is necessary for degree awarding.
  • The individual and collective reports are submitted to the relevant department council for transmission to the Faculty council and then to the university council for considering degree awarding.

Article 105 of the executive regulation:

Theses are discussed publicly, and each member of the Examination committee submits a detailed report on the thesis and the result of the discussion, and all reports are submitted to the faculty Research and Higher Studies Committee, and then referred to Faculty Council for final  submission to the University Council.


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