Important Information and Rules

International students

Written by Aya Abdelghany

* The required documents to join higher studies:

  • (4) forms of enrollment in higher studies (available at faculties).
  • (4) Inquiry forms.
  • (4) information forms.
  • (1) original copy of the high school diploma the student obtained.
  • Original copies of the obtained university qualifications accredited and notarized.
  • A passport copy.
  • (6) personal photos.
  • A Residence Statement filled in by the students ( to stay in the country of study for the period determined by the University Council).
  • A statement of the subjects studied by the student during the study period.
  • The approval of the student's embassy in Cairo
  • Egyptian Ministry of Health Certificate stating that the student is AIDS -negative (submitted after the approval of the International Office).
  • Certificate of equivalence of qualifications obtained by the student and payment of fees and necessary expenses
  • Filling out the information form.

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