The Departments of Public Administration for the Libraries

The Administration of the Central Library

Written by Aya Abdelghany
  • The Administration of the Central Library:

          It is specialized in the following:

  • The acquisition and organizing the encyclopedia, dictionaries and the multi-part books that serve the educational curriculum in the university.
  • The Central Library seeks to be a center for collecting all the versions of the university (publications, works, conferences, courses).
  • The acquisition and organizing MA and PhD theses in both hard copy and electronic forms.
  • Introducing the services of the electronic search and explaining the ways of dealing with the technological library issues.
  • Issuing the bibliographic lists of libraries' content.
  • Facilitating acquiring more references.
  • Providing the services of photocopying and scanning of texts, plans and different forms.
  • Preparing the standardized libraries' index and providing printing and internet services for researchers.
  • Providing book photocopying service in accordance with financial regulations.

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