The Tasks of the Public Administration in the Libraries

Written by Yasmien Sayed Gad
  • The overall supervision of the central library and the libraries of the faculties.
  • To guide the workers a general guidance.
  • To support the mechanized operations and the electronic management for the library of the university.
  • To make the strategy for the university libraries and to make a special operational programs.
  • To determine the special budget for the university libraries with the relevant administration.
  • To make plans for working in the university libraries.
  • To participate in choosing the librarians and the workers and suggesting to distribute and evaluate them.
  • Verification of the annual inventory for the libraries through the participation of the representative.
  • Exchanging the publications of the university with the libraries and the scientific authorities through the Department of Exchange in the administration of the libraries.
  • The supervision on providing university libraries with books, scientific courses, publications and all the carriers of information and make a codified system for using it.