The General Administration of Organization and Management

Written by Aya Abdelghany
  • The General Administration of Organization and Management:


The Administration is charged with the following:

  • Conducting organizational research and studies on the administrative apparatus of the university's administration, faculties and units in order to identify any potential problems and offer recommendations and solutions
  1. Receiving the follow-up reports, analyzing them organizationally and handling ensuing problems and obstacles relevant to organization or employees.

Conducting special studies, smoothing out work procedures, and setting performance rates.

Preparing, following up the recruiting systems in terms of duties and responsibilities.

Planning personnel needs of different categories and working to meet them.

Setting a development plan for the University employees, faculties and units as well as setting follow-up rules of trainee evaluation in different fields and specializations

The General Administration of Organization and Management consists of:

The Management of Organization and Work Methods.

The Management of Employment Hierarchy and Workforce Planning

  • Training Management