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Written by Samuel Philip ezzat


Legal Affairs Administration

Written by Yasmien Sayed Gad

Legal Affairs Administration is concerned with:

  • Supervising investigations regarding the financial and administrative violations and following up relevant procedures.
  • Supervising procedures related to various issues and cases.
  • Following up procedures for referring investigations to the Public Prosecution and the Administrative Prosecution for the cases that so require in accordance with Universities Law and the Law of Civil Service.
  • Supervising preparation of lawsuit filed by or against the university, reviewing legal notes and following submission to the competent authorities.
  • Supervising legal procedures taken regarding financial violations, reservations, warnings, concessions and reconciliations.
  • Reviewing the regulations, decisions, agreements, contracts and other legal works referred to the legal affairs by the university.
  • Reviewing legal notes related to the examination of administrative grievances and providing legal advice.
  • Providing legal advice regarding the implementation and interpretation of laws, decisions, rulings, etc., as well as contacting the competent authorities to submit legal perspectives.

Legal Affairs Administration consists of:

  • The Investigation and Disciplinary Management which is in charge of:
    • Conducting administrative investigations referred by the competent authorities and university officials regarding administrative and financial violations, submitting notes regarding them, and following up procedures taken as per the disciplinary laws and regulations.
    • Taking disciplinary actions against students and workers.
    • Following up procedures taken by disciplinary committees against students, staff, faculty members, and teaching assistants.
    • Taking legal measures to notify the public prosecution, the administrative prosecution, or the central accounting agency of the violations that occur in the work place, and taking measures to suspend the employees to whom violations are attributed, while taking into account the legal regulations described in this regard.
    • Representing the university before the administrative prosecution and other competent authorities, providing data and documents required by these authorities and following them up.
  • Reviewing investigation memos and their compliance with laws and regulations.
    • Following up the issues referred to the Public Prosecution and the Administrative Prosecution.
    • Taking procedures regarding suspending the employees accused of violations, and informing them of any legal penalty.
    • Reporting investigations to university officials to review and approve final decisions.
    • Implementing the decisions of investigations and ratifying penalties for violations attributed to workers.

Legal Cases  Management; responsibilities:

  • Studying documents of cases and disputes filed by or against the university and preparing data and memoranda related thereto before they are heard before courts.
  • Following up cases and disputes before courts and the judicial authorities until the relevant decisions are issued.
  • Studying the legal decisions relevant to university, submitting an appeal, when necessary, and following the procedures.
  • Executing judicial warnings and responding to warnings issued against the university.
  • Taking measures for enforcing judicial decisions.
  • Carrying out the necessary legal procedures for university rights with others by civil means before submitting the matter to the judiciary.
  • Providing advice regarding the penalties imposed on university employees and notifying relevant departments of the decision.
  • Preparing the legal drafting of auctions, and bids, and attending the bid contract award committees.
  • Reviewing the regulations and instructions related to the university's activities to ensure that they are not against any general laws and regulations.

The Fatwa and Contracts Management


  • Preparing draft regulations and decisions about university activities to ensure conformity with laws and regulations.
  • Following up the issuance of university regulations and instructions related to its activities or personnel affairs, classifying them, preparing all relevant interpretation, and notifying the concerned authorities of them.
  • Supervising the preparation and drafting of contracts and agreements concluded by the university.
  • Providing legal advice on contractual
  • Supervising the preparation of legal drafts of auctions and bids, and attending bid opening committees.
  • Following up the procedures needed to implement contracts and record them according to the nature of the work.
  • Preparing draft contracts according to laws, regulations and other projects, decisions and orders.
  • Taking legal measures to ensure implementing contracts, sending them to the competent authorities and registering them.
  • Registering university property contracts with the various bodies.

Grievances and Complaints Management is responsible for:

  • Investigating employee complaints and grievances, analyzing their content and referring them to the competent authority to give legal advice on them.
  • Preparing legal memos on each complaint or grievance, preparing a legal response according to the results in accordance with legal regulations.
  • Keeping records and files of grievances and complaints.
    • Following up the issuance of regulations and instructions related to the university's activities and its personnel affairs, its classification and issuance of all interpretations thereto and notifying the concerned units of the requirements and instructions of the university.
    • Investigating grievances and providing periodic statistics on them, to help point out their root causes.
    • Providing legal advice on the findings of grievances and reporting decisions to various parties.
    • Referring some complaints or grievances to the Public Prosecution or the Administrative Prosecution if necessary.
    • Taking legal measures to implement the findings of the investigation of the complaints and grievances.
    • Notifying the authorities and the complainants of the outcome of the investigation.

SU council

Written by Samuel Philip ezzat

Headed by Prof. Dr. Al-Sayyed Al-Sharqawy, SU president

Attended by the members:

  • Dr. Ali Hussein Atta

SU vice-president for education and student affairs

  • Dr. Al- Dsouky Ibrahim Eid

SU vice-president for community service and environmental development affairs

  • Dr. Abdul Atti Lashin Mansei

SU vice-president for postgraduate and research affairs

  • Dr. Obada Ahmed Obada Al Khuli

Supervisor of Education and Arts faculties at Tor Sinai

  • Dr. Sherif Mohamed Fahmy

Faculty of Science Dean

  • Dr. Gamal Slama Ali

Officer-in-charge of Faculty of Politics and Economics Dean

  • Dr. Ashraf Mohamed Ahmed Hanijl

Officer-in-charge of Faculty of Engineering Dean

  • Dr. Saeed Hamid Abadi

Officer-in-charge of Faculty of Medicine Dean

  • Dr. Ashraf Abu Fotuh Mostafa

Supervisor of Faculty of Education

  • Dr. Yasser Amun Ahmed

Officer-in-charge of Faculty of Computer and Information Dean

  • Dr. Asma Ahmed Khalil Qadour.

Officer-in-charge of Faculty of Fisheries Dean

  • Dr. Mohamed Mazen Galal

Officer-in-charge of Faculty of Arts Dean

  • Dr. Hani Kamel Mohamed Shalbi

Supervisor of Faculty of Dentistry

  • Dr. Ranya Abdul Munim Shamaa

Officer-in-charge of Faculty of Commerce Dean

  • Dr. Abeer Mahmoud Shoaib

Officer-in-charge of Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Engineering Dean

  • Dr. Amin Saeed Abdul Ghani

Officer-in-charge of Faculty of Mass and Communication Technology Dean

  • Dr. Majid Al-Azazi

Supervisor of Faculty of Physical Education

And Dr. Muhammad Ali Hafez Abu Shosha

Officer-in-charge of SU General Secretary

• Canning Improvement of Tuna-Like Fish and Evaluation of its Quality

Written by Aya Abdelghany

Thesis/ Diss No. 9087050


 Use fresh / frozen tuna fish-like and monitor their content in terms of:

A - biological amines.

B - some quality standards.

- Determining the best technological procedures of preparing high quality canned tuna, packed in varied solutions, and evaluating its effects on:

A- Chemical composition and yield.

B- Chemical and physical standards.

C- Microbiological Quality.

-Evaluation of the storage stability of products

Researcher's Name : Amira Gharib Hassan

Supervisors: Khaled Mohamed Youssef Ali, Hisham Fawzy Amin, Mofeeda Tolba Attia

Specialization: Aquatic Sciences

Registration Date: 18/4/2018

Degree:  MSc.

    Department:  Fish processing Technology

  • Postgraduate Studies and Research Sector
  • Community Service and Environmental Development Sector
  • University Secretary Sector


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