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• Canning Improvement of Tuna-Like Fish and Evaluation of its Quality

Written by Aya Abdelghany

Thesis/ Diss No. 9087050


 Use fresh / frozen tuna fish-like and monitor their content in terms of:

A - biological amines.

B - some quality standards.

- Determining the best technological procedures of preparing high quality canned tuna, packed in varied solutions, and evaluating its effects on:

A- Chemical composition and yield.

B- Chemical and physical standards.

C- Microbiological Quality.

-Evaluation of the storage stability of products

Researcher's Name : Amira Gharib Hassan

Supervisors: Khaled Mohamed Youssef Ali, Hisham Fawzy Amin, Mofeeda Tolba Attia

Specialization: Aquatic Sciences

Registration Date: 18/4/2018

Degree:  MSc.

    Department:  Fish processing Technology

  • Postgraduate Studies and Research Sector
  • Community Service and Environmental Development Sector
  • University Secretary Sector

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