International Relations

International Relations

Written by Yasmien Sayed Gad

Suez Office for External Relations and International Cooperation

The University Office for External Relations and International Cooperation is responsible for the all external relations of the University (Suez Office for External Affairs - SOEA). The President of the University issued a decree No. (548) dated 14/10/2018 to establish the Office of Foreign Relations and International Cooperation to be responsible for the external affairs of Suez University (Suez Office for External Affairs - SOEA). The university Office for External Affairs is administratively belonging to the President Office. It is the sole official channel for any external affairs including collaborations with “Externals” for the establishment of joint relations between the University and any internal external or international bodies which mainly means the of the University.

The University Office for External Affairs (SOEA) seeks to establish relationships and partnerships with a positive return on the University, which will contribute significantly to the development of relations between Arab / African and international universities through marketing the University and highlighting its distinct and unique capabilities which achieves the strategy of expanding international relations between the university and the outside community, both local (Universities, research centers and any other relevant bodies) or international (Arab, African and other countries).

In the interest of HE Prof. Al-Sayed El-Sharkawy - President of Suez University on the expansion of the university abroad, he was given directions to conclude several agreements at the regional and international levels, with the expansion of internal partnerships with universities, institutes and research centers as well as the private sector to achieve the maximum utilization of the university in all colleges and programs and the Swiss society and Sinai and the axis of the channel Achieving the objectives of the National Strategy 2030, which will have a significant impact on the whole country - Egypt

Current collaborations

  1. Arab academy
  2. CLAR
  3. NARSS
  4. NIOF-Suez
  1. African Union – Inter-African Bureau for Animal Resource - African Union
  2. World Food Program (WFP) - UN
  3. China
  4. Hungry
  5. USA

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