E-Tests Committee visit to Suez University

Written by Aya Abdelghany

Prof. Alsayyed Al-Sharkawy, President of the University, received delegations of the Ministry of higher Education, the Ministry of Communications and the Supreme Council of Universities to verify the readiness of the university's e-test centers aiming at prioritizing eligible centers for services, equipment and infrastructure.

Dr. Mohamed Dagher, Suez University's Executive Director made some declarations concerning SU Data Center, external networking status and reviewing the distribution of the Smart University project equipment

Applying to competitive projects for the excellence of higher education institutions is open for the fourth session

Written by Aya Abdelghany

The Excellence Unit at the development projects management of the Ministry of higher Education announces the final version of the competitive Projects application form for the excellence of higher Education institutions - the fourth session on the website: http://heep.edu.eg . This is intended to establishing a competitive environment among science and administration departments, academic programs, research and service activities within the educational institutions on the one hand and among those educational institutions and other universities.

Project budget:

  • The maximum funding limit of the project is 2.5 million Egyptian pounds.
  • A minimum university funding of 40%, in addition to utilizing the university facilities.

Application requirements:

  • Projects cannot be submitted by educational institutions which have no current graduates.
  • Each university submits a maximum of 4 projects in light of the university priorities.
  • The project output must target international accreditation during the implementation period.
  • Project execution must not exceed 24 months.

The deadline for proposal submission is 30/11/2020

National reading project for Egyptian university students

Written by Aya Abdelghany

Suez university has been part of the cooperation among the various Egyptian Ministries and institutions with reference to the launching of the national project for reading in Egypt sponsored by the ministry of public and Technical Education. The strategic objectives of the project are:

  • developing awareness of the importance of reading in the Egyptian society to achieve the desired cultural level.
  • enabling generations to develop Innovation through critical, creative and knowledge-producing reading.
  • promoting patriotism and the sense of belonging by supporting national and human values.
  • enriching the cultural environment in schools, institutions and universities in order to promote constructive dialogue, tolerance and acceptance of the other.
  • promoting community efforts supportive of reading.
  • Paying special attention to juniors' books, enriching libraries and raising the quality of books content.
  • Providing a sustainable scholarly model to promote similar projects.

Suez University will nominate a coordinator from each college and a coordinator for the whole university that will act as a liaison between the ministry's coordinator and the college coordinators, and also nominate 2 faculty members specialized in the Arabic language and literature to participate in the university arbitration committee. A university-wide single winner will be promoted to compete with other universities' nominees.

Suez University president oversees regularity of study on the first day and stresses precautionary measures .

Written by Aya Abdelghany

Today, university president prof. Alsayyed Alsharkawy made an inspection tour to watch out the regularity of the lectures on the first day of the academic year. He emphasized the importance of wearing face masks for students, workers and adherence to precautionary measures. He also highlighted the importance of maintaining social distance and preventing social gatherings in the university campuses.

Prof. Ashraf Abou Al-Foutouh, the dean of the faculty of education and Prof. Rania Shamaa, the dean of the faculty of commerce, have welcomed the university president during his visit to the two faculties in which he reemphasized the importance of following- up the teaching process while carrying out the hybrid learning.

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