The university president extends research submission deadline

Written by Aya Abdelghany

Dr Mohamed Dagher, the SU IT executive director, stated that prof. Dr Al-Sayed Al-Sharkawy agreed on extending the deadline of uploading the researches of the students who could not pass in the first trial to Friday 7 August 2020. This decision has been taken to give the students extra time to make up for  holiday of the blessed Eid Al Adha.

First stage of the Electronic Enrollemnt starts tomorrow at Suez University

Written by Aya Abdelghany

SU president, Prof. Al-Sayyed Al-Sharkawy, opened the Electronic Enrollment office at Suez University on Saturday 22.8.2020. The office is ready to receive students with a total grade of 400 degrees (sciences), 387 (mathematics) and 327.5 degrees (literary section). This stage will last till August 26, from 9 am to 5 pm to help students to enroll in their preferred colleges.

The president explained that 2 locations for the enrollment office were equipped at the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Science, manned with IT Engineers and Data entries clerks to respond to the students’ inquires and provide them with the technical support.

Al-Sharkawi also stressed that the university takes all precautionary and preventive measures in terms of providing a medical teams, automatic sterilization gates, protective masks and adhering to the prescribed social distancing.

The president also said that the university's central transfers will start next Sunday, August, 23, at the university's student affairs office. To get the central transformation office guide, you can access the following link:

SU president checks the aptitude tests in the faculty of education, art education department.

Written by Aya Abdelghany

Prof.Dr Alsayed Sharkawy, accompanied by Prof. Ali Atta, the vice-president for the education and student affairs, this morning, has made an inspection tour to the Faculty of Education to follow up on administering the aptitude tests for  art education candidates.

In addition, Al-Sharkawy has checked the test procedures which aim to select the students talented in arts, who will later sharpen their talents by studying at the faculty of Education. Al-Sharkawy has confirmed that it is necessary to provide different preventive and precautionary actions for students, proctors and organizers. The president was received by the dean of the faculty of education, Prof.Dr Ashraf Abou Al-Fotouh and the faculty members of the department of art education.

It is noteworthy that the aptitude tests for arts tackle two sides: the first is the artistic expression of one of the scenes representing current events and the second one is to create an innovative design of a media topic. Tests can be reserved via the website of the Enrollment Office:

The University President visits SU Enrollmwnt Office

Written by Aya Abdelghany

 This morning, prof.Dr  Sayyed Al-Sharkawi, the University President, opened SU Enrollment Office located at the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Science, where ensured  providing the precautionary and preventive measures necessary to keep safe  users, students and staff including taking temperatures, wearing protective masks, and maintaining social distancing; medical teams were available during working hours.

SU president called to provide all means of supporting students to fill out enrollment forms. Al-Sharkawy has explained that, according to the Ministry's directions, the student has the right to modify enrollment options until Wednesday, August 26.

The president also explained that new colleges were recently included in this year’s college list, including the Faculty of Dentistry.

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