Post-graduate studies are open to all the departments and colleges of the University for the academic year 2020-2021

Written by Aya Abdelghany

Post- graduate studies are open to all the university departments and colleges for the academic year 2020-2021.  Electronic Submission is open for all post-graduate programs (Diploma- MA-PHD; Academic and Professional) till 15 September 2020.

For registration and enrollment terms, you can follow the link below:

The Activation of the Digital Transformation Essentials Certificate for post-graduate students at the university

Written by Aya Abdelghany

The University's IT Training Unit announces opening of registration for Digital Transformation course for post-graduate students (Diploma, Master, PhD) , which is a pre-condition for degree granting as per the decision of the Supreme Council of Universities on 18/7/2019. Students of the Faculty of Computers and Informatics faculty are exempted. The training will be online and reservations will be made using the official academic e-mail through the following link:

The certificate is granted after passing a total of (7) programs, (5) compulsory and (2) optional; the test is conducted through the Central IT Training, a Unit of the Supreme Council of Universities. The passing threshold is  70% of the total specialized programs ; in case of failure the student gets extra training but they will be charged a retest fee of 20 pounds.

The certificate’s total cost is  840 pounds for 7 training programs and the fees for training and testing are paid at the university administration building.

Certificate’s validity is 5 years.

Exemption from receiving this certificate includes one-year diploma students enrolled during the 2019/2020 academic year and the Masters and PHD students whose dissertations will be defended before 1/1/2021, as per  Suez University Council decision on 31/5/2020.

Al-Sharkawi follows up the Aptitude Tests at the College of Media, and inspects the new studios at the College

Written by Aya Abdelghany

Pro.Dr Alsayed Alsharkawy, university president, made an inspection tour this morning to the Faculty of Media and Communication Technology, and followed up the student aptitude tests.  During the tour, he stressed the need to implement all precautionary measures ensuring that the health of examinees and staff is maintained. He also inspected the college’s new studios, calling for training teaching assistants to optimize their use of these devices.

The university president also stressed the importance of the Faculty of Media studios and the technology to provide students with all the potentials necessary to qualify them at the highest levels, in addition to the importance of the media field in maintaining the awareness, and identity of the nation.

Concerning the aptitude tests, Al-Sharkawi explained that the tests aim at evaluating and selecting the best students to enroll in the faculties that require these tests, namely the Faculty of Media and Communication Technology and the Art Education department of the Faculty of Education.

His Excellency was welcomed by Prof. Dr Wessam Nasr, dean of the faculty of Media and Communication Technology, and the faculty members.

It is worthy of note that the aptitude tests started on Saturday 8 August and will last till Thursday 20 August.


The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research visits Suez University and inaugurates new projects

Written by Aya Abdelghany

This morning, prof  Khaled AbdelGhaffar – Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research- paid a visit to Suez University where he was warmly received by prof. Alsayed AlSharkawy – president of Suez University- ,vice presidents and deans of faculties.

The minister made a tour of several new facilities at the university:

  • The university’s grand hall.
  • The new Aquatic lab at the faculty of Fish Resources .
  • Faculty of Engineering new

His excellency laid the foundation stone of Central Laboratories Complex at the Faculty of Science, a vital part of the university’s educational and research process.

During the visit, the minister inspected final year exams at the Faculty of Science hailing the proper administering of the examinations, especially providing all precautionary and protective measures for both the students and the proctors.

The next part of the visit included the medical complex headquarter where he inspected the buildings of the faculties of medicine, dentistry, as well as the university hospital. Moreover he heard a detailed update of the components of the faculties' laboratories, halls.

In press statement, the minister pointed out that Suez University has a number of unique colleges such as the Faculty of Petroleum Engineering and Mining, which annually graduates high- level oil and mining engineers who meet labor market needs whether in Egypt or Arab countries.

His excellency also pointed out that all university presidents closely inspect exam process to ensure that all protective measures are in place, and added that the challenge of holding the exams was great and that many countries refrained from it, but the Egyptian state was determined that students would not  miss the  academic  year , saving them any troubles or obstacles.

The minister also discussed next year's plan ensuring that necessary  infrastructure will be available.

The minister expressed his satisfaction with Suez University’s great achievements recorded in a short period of time whether in construction , infrastructure, or the addition of many new faculties to this Suez University educational edifice.


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