Faculty of Science Organizing Training Courses for Students and Graduates

Written by Aya Abdelghany

In the context of the university’s keenness on upgrading the graduates’ skills and developing their capacities in order to keep up with labor market requirements, the Faculty of Science, Geology Department, organized training courses for students and graduates on the software required most at the labor markets. The courses were offered at low prices and the trainee obtained an accredited certificate from the university.

The University President welcoming the Champion Youssef Galal in his Office this Morning

Written by Aya Abdelghany

Prof. Al-Sayed Al-Sharqawy, the University President, welcomed this morning Youssef Galal Mohammed (one of the people of determination)  who participated in Martyred Al-Refai Championship for swimming, organized by Alexandria University from 24 to 26 December 2020.

It is worth mentioning that the student has been able to achieve two silver medals in the 50 and 100 meter-freestyle race. In the President's office, there has been a friendly conversation between Al-Sharqawy and the student and ended with wishing for long-term success and reconciliation.

- The Higher University Council agreeing on Establishing Institute of Nanotechnology for the Post-Graduates in Suez University

Written by Aya Abdelghany

The Supreme Council of Universities held this morning its annual meeting chaired by prof. Khaled Abd El-Ghaffar, the minister of higher education and scientific research, with the attendance of prof. Tarek Shawqy, the minister of education and technical education at Al-Fayoum University.

The council has discussed a number of issues, among which is the approval of establishing an institute for nanotechnology for the post-graduates in Suez University.

Prof.Al-Sayed  Al- Sharqawy, the University President, declared that this institute is considered a new addition for the unique and the non-stereotypical disciplines that distinguish the Suez University. He also emphasized that this institute copes with the orientations of the country to boost scientific research, develop its instruments and keep pace with the new scientific disciplines. Al-Sharkawy ended his statements by thanking the council for its effort to enhance the higher education and scientific research in Egypt.

An Important Announcement for Military Education in Suez University Important Announcement:

Written by Aya Abdelghany

The administrator of military education at Suez University announced that there would be an electronic course starting from 26 December to 7 January for all the grades.

Also, a fine of 100 pounds is to be imposed on third year students who did not attend the military education, which is to be doubled in the following years.

For those who want to attend the aforementioned electronic course, it is a must to register on the following link. The registration starts on Saturday 8 a.m. until the required number is completed to achieve the principle of equal opportunities.

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