A Golden Medal Goes to Suez University

Written by Aya Abdelghany

Student Osama Mohammed Hussein of the faculty of Physical Education at Suez University won the golden medal of the championship of  the Martyr Al-Refai in weightlifting organized by Al Fayoum University under the auspices of prof. Khaled Abd El-Ghaffar, the minister of higher education and scientific research.

Prof.Al-Sayed Al-Sharqawy, the University President, sent a telegram through the page of the university information centre to congratulate the student on his great achievement, wishing him permanent success in honoring Suez  University in all sporting events.

Suez University organizing a public symposium on the occasion of the Anti-Corruption World Day under the slogan of "Together United against Corruption."

Written by Aya Abdelghany

A public symposium was organized on the occasion of the World Anti-Corruption Day and a speech was delivered by Maj. General / Mohamed Eissa, the head of the Suez Anti-corruption department. The symposium held at the main conference hall was attended by Dr. Abdullah Ramdan, the deputy governor of Suez and many other executive and leading figures including university vice presidents, the deans of the faculties, the teaching staff and some university students.

The meeting opened with the Egyptian national anthem, which was followed by reciting some verses of the Holly Quran.

Dr. Abdullah Ramadan, the deputy governor of Suez, showed that corruption is one of the most serious issues that the government and the state as a whole face.

Suez University Hosting Preacher “ Al-Habib Ali Al- Jafri” in an Open Debate Entitled “Moderation in Islam”

Written by Aya Abdelghany

As the university cares for boosting the cultural and religious awareness of its students, an open dialogue was hosted by the university with keynote speaker “Al-Habib Ali Al- Jafri” under the auspices of prof. Al-Sayed Al-Sharqawy, university president, and with the attendance of prof. Gamal Ragab, professor of Islamic philosophy and the university former vice-President, the university vice-Presidents, the faculty deans, the teaching staff and students at the university big conference hall.

Al-Shakawy welcomed Al-Jafri and the audience during the meeting, and confirmed that the university seeks to organize such cultural meetings regularly as it aims to increase students' awareness. In addition, Al-Sharkawy declared his gratitude for the high turnout by students who attended and benefitted from this session.

Al-Jafri discussed many significant issues and topics during his debate with the students, including the definition of extremism and its claimed relation to the concept of freedom. He indicated that the extremism is not an idea but a psychology that lacks justification and pointed out the definition of the renewal of the religious discourse and the importance of the re-sentencing of the provisions based on the variables based on the agreed society norm of development. Al-Jafri asserted the importance of the cultural transformation of the society and the revival of the self-censorship inside every human being with no need to return to the laws or restrictions. He also has answered  the queries of students and the religious teachings on some topics related to youth.

The meeting proceedings, attended by a large number of students, were crowned by awarding Al-Jafri the university memorial decoration, taking photos with the audience, appreciating the sheikh's efforts.

  • Suez university information centre

The delegation of the Institute of Petroleum Studies visit Suez University

Written by Aya Abdelghany

This morning, Al-Sharkawi welcomed a delegation from the Institute of The Petroleum Studies headed by Prof. Dr. Yasser Mustafa, the head of the institute, to discuss the terms of the convention intended to be held between the institute and Suez University represented by the Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Engineering in the presence of Prof.Dr. Abeer Shoaib, the dean of the faculty. The attendees reiterated that the cooperation among institutions meets state’s vision concerning the scientific research.

Following the meeting, the delegation visited Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Engineering, the various modern laboratories of the College. It should be noted that the terms of the convention include facilities for graduate students to conduct various laboratory tests as well as for the faculty and the researchers

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