The Activation of the Digital Transformation Essentials Certificate for post-graduate students at the university

Written by Aya Abdelghany

The University's IT Training Unit announces opening of registration for Digital Transformation course for post-graduate students (Diploma, Master, PhD) , which is a pre-condition for degree granting as per the decision of the Supreme Council of Universities on 18/7/2019. Students of the Faculty of Computers and Informatics faculty are exempted. The training will be online and reservations will be made using the official academic e-mail through the following link:


The certificate is granted after passing a total of (7) programs, (5) compulsory and (2) optional; the test is conducted through the Central IT Training, a Unit of the Supreme Council of Universities. The passing threshold is  70% of the total specialized programs ; in case of failure the student gets extra training but they will be charged a retest fee of 20 pounds.

The certificate’s total cost is  840 pounds for 7 training programs and the fees for training and testing are paid at the university administration building.

Certificate’s validity is 5 years.

Exemption from receiving this certificate includes one-year diploma students enrolled during the 2019/2020 academic year and the Masters and PHD students whose dissertations will be defended before 1/1/2021, as per  Suez University Council decision on 31/5/2020.


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