Al-Sharkawi follows up the Aptitude Tests at the College of Media, and inspects the new studios at the College

Written by Aya Abdelghany

Pro.Dr Alsayed Alsharkawy, university president, made an inspection tour this morning to the Faculty of Media and Communication Technology, and followed up the student aptitude tests.  During the tour, he stressed the need to implement all precautionary measures ensuring that the health of examinees and staff is maintained. He also inspected the college’s new studios, calling for training teaching assistants to optimize their use of these devices.

The university president also stressed the importance of the Faculty of Media studios and the technology to provide students with all the potentials necessary to qualify them at the highest levels, in addition to the importance of the media field in maintaining the awareness, and identity of the nation.

Concerning the aptitude tests, Al-Sharkawi explained that the tests aim at evaluating and selecting the best students to enroll in the faculties that require these tests, namely the Faculty of Media and Communication Technology and the Art Education department of the Faculty of Education.

His Excellency was welcomed by Prof. Dr Wessam Nasr, dean of the faculty of Media and Communication Technology, and the faculty members.

It is worthy of note that the aptitude tests started on Saturday 8 August and will last till Thursday 20 August.



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