SU president checks the aptitude tests in the faculty of education, art education department.

Written by Aya Abdelghany

Prof.Dr Alsayed Sharkawy, accompanied by Prof. Ali Atta, the vice-president for the education and student affairs, this morning, has made an inspection tour to the Faculty of Education to follow up on administering the aptitude tests for  art education candidates.

In addition, Al-Sharkawy has checked the test procedures which aim to select the students talented in arts, who will later sharpen their talents by studying at the faculty of Education. Al-Sharkawy has confirmed that it is necessary to provide different preventive and precautionary actions for students, proctors and organizers. The president was received by the dean of the faculty of education, Prof.Dr Ashraf Abou Al-Fotouh and the faculty members of the department of art education.

It is noteworthy that the aptitude tests for arts tackle two sides: the first is the artistic expression of one of the scenes representing current events and the second one is to create an innovative design of a media topic. Tests can be reserved via the website of the Enrollment Office: tansik.egypt.gov.eg.


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