Suez University President Attended the Sports Activities in the Fifth Suez University’s Youth Halls of Residence Week

Written by Yasmien Sayed Gad

Prof. Dr. Al-Sayyed Abdel-Azim Al-Sharqawy–Suez University President–attended the sports activities of the participating universities as part of the activities of the fifth University’s Youth Halls of Residence Week at the university’s stadium. And this was in the presence of Prof. Dr. Ali Hussein Atta–Vice-President for Education and Students Affairs–and the organization committee including Prof. Dr. Hassan Mohamed Ahmed, Dr. Ali Mustafa and Dr. Rania Abdul Karim and a number of the faculty members and employees of the university. The President was keen to follow up the student activities as a means of supporting talented students in all activities, believing that the excelling in education cannot be attained without discipline and engagement in students’ activities. He emphasized the right of every student to practice various types of students’ activities with a complete support from the University. 

Prof. Dr. Al-Sharqawy also expressed his great appreciation for the great effort exerted by the organizing committee of the Fifth Suez University’s Youth Halls of Residence Week. He also expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to the arbitration committees of the student activities for the great work they have done.

During the visit, the sports teams of the participating universities took pictures with Prof. Dr. Al-Sharqawy