Suez University Department of Military Education announces the start of new Online Sessions

Written by Aya Abdelghany

Department of Military Education of Suez University announces the start of new online sessions between the 28th of November and the 10th of December for all academic classes. Department of Military Education also announces that 3rd year students who didn’t finish their military education will pay a 100 LE fine that is to be doubled in following years. Registering for announced online sessions should be via the following link, starting on Saturday at 8 AM until the required number is registered.

To register, click here.

Suez and Sinai Metallurgical and Materials Research Center of Scientific Excellence (SSMMR-CSE)

Written by Nehal Emad


Suez and Sinai Metallurgical and Materials Research Center of Scientific Excellence (SSMMR-CSE)

Start Date: 24-6-2013                                                                           End Date: 24-6-2018

Total Fund: 10,000,000 L.E.

PI and Director: Prof. Dr. Mohamed M. Abdelmoniem El-Nagar


Research assistant team

Prof. Dr. Sabbah Mohamed Selim Ataya

Associate Prof. Mohamed M. Zaki Ahmed

Associate Prof. Essam Ahmed Ali

Associate Prof. Hany Rezk Ammar

Technical Team

Eng. Rana Gamal Eid

Eng. Hagar Amin Reyad


To establish a leading and competitive research center in Metallurgical and Materials Engineering in Suez and Sinai regions.


  • Providing state-of-the-art equipments related to metallurgical and materials engineering for processing; and characterization.
  • Providing a suitable environment for research, educating and training Egyptian young engineers/researchers, who will support the needs of Egyptian Universities and industries?
  • Scientific analysis and solution of problems related to the technical and environmental impacts.
  • Technology transfer to the local industries to achieve competitive products to international markets.
  • To collaborate local and international centers of scientific excellence in metallurgical and/or materials engineering through specific research programs, and workshops that have benefits to the Egyptian society.
  • Presenting a complete technical and consulting service for the companies in the surrounding industrial zones.
  • Increasing the national and international research collaboration.
  • Professional scientific contribution to the research area through publishing patents; thesis; journal papers; and participation in national and international conferences which will raise the rank of our newly established university.

Outcomes and Impact (Support the national industries via:-)

  • Preparing highly qualified Engineers in the field of Metallrugical and Materials Engineering
  • Technology transfer by training and education.
  • Maximizing the economical value of the products;
  • Solving the environmental problems related to industry;
  • Utilization of industrial by-products and solid waste materials.

Added-Value Resulting from the Research Project

  1. Characterizing and figuring out the available natural raw materials for glass, glass-ceramic and ceramic industries in Sinai and Suez regions.
  2. Utilizing the accumulated industrial solid wastes in Sinai and Suez regions
  3. Fabrication of different useful glass, glass- ceramic and ceramic products.
  4. Positive social and human impacts for providing partial solution of unemployment through creating Jobs and new businesses in in Suez and Sinai regions.
  5. Building experts in ceramic and glass-ceramic processing which can promote the industrial applications.

Center Sustainability

  • Continuous marketing of the center to get continuous financial support.
  • Periodic maintenance and calibration of equipment’s.
  • Periodic training and qualifying of the technicians of the center.
  • Continuous development by enrolling new equipment’s and software.
  • Periodic monitoring and evaluation of the center progress.
  • International and national labs accreditation.
  • Annual bulletin to declare the achieved and planned activities.
  • Adopting the center as a consultant and expert house for industry.
  • Seeking the establishment of the proposed factory for the industrial solid wastes utilization
  • Establishment of a website for the Center
  • Appointment of 2 laboratory engineers


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